Acceptance commission started at Technoavia facility

Espro Development started acceptance commissioning of the warehouse complex built for Technoavia. Espro Development performs serviced of Construction Monitor in this project. The building of 30 000 sq.m in area will be located on the territory of Orientir-West Industrial Park on Novaya Riga Highway. Technoavia is one of the largest producers of special and corporate outfit.

Co-operation with Vento-2M

Espro Development started operations at construction of production and warehouse facility  for Vento-2M. The project is located on Istra, Moscow Region. The building will be designated for placement of sewing production, storing raw materials and manufactured goods, administrative  offices and a training center. The total area of the facility would be 6500 sq.m. Espro Development is performing services of Technical Customer in this project. Read more

Warehouse for OOO OBO Bettermann

OBO Bettermann is an international company which produces a wide range of equipment for mounting electrical systems. During year 2020-2021 OBO Bettermann  commissioned construction of a warehouse with in-built administrative and social block with total area of 12 500 sq.m on the territory of PNK Valischevo Park in the Moscow Region  located 32 kilometers from Moscow Outer Ring Road along Simferopol highway. Espro Development participated in this project in capacity of Technical Customer representing OBO Bettermann on the construction site.

Warehouse building for Dau Isolan (Vladimir)

Dau Isolan manufactures different components from polyurethan in the town of Vladimir. During 2019-2020 Dau Isolan carried out large investment project. One of the phases of this project was construction of a warehouse with an area of 3200 sq.m. Espro Development was commissioned to perform a role of Technical Customer (starting from design stage till receipt of the Opinion on Conformity with the Russian Construction Norms issued Federal Rostechnadzhor).

Technoavia Multifunctional center (Moscow Region)

Technoavia company is one of the largest producers of workwear and protective corporative  clothing. Espro Development is engages in consultancy and construction monitoring services at construction of a warehouse  center of 30.000 sq.m on the territory of “Orientir West” Industrial Park at Novo Rijslkoye highway.

SoyuzChimReactive Production center

SoyuzChimReactive company together with Rogneda company form a part of  a larger scientific and industrial  conglomerate  producing varnishes and paints for wood, metal, stone,   as well putties, sealants and polyurethane  foams.  Espro Development fulfilled services of Construction Monitor supervising different construction works as part of company’s development program.

Leroy Merlin Logistic center (Moscow region)

Leroy Merlin Logistic center located on South Gate site belonging to Radius Group at the intersection between A-107 and M4. The total area of the building is 110.000 sq.m.

The logistic center is designated to secure on-time supply of the goods to Leroy Merlin chain. The center was put in operation in Q3 of 2016. ESPRO Development was appointed at the position of Technical Customer at the initial stage of conceptual designs and fulfilled the construction monitor functions during the construction period  on behalf of Leroy Merlin.

BIOCAD Pharmaceutical production Plant (Moscow)

BIOCAD Pharmaceutical production Plant is located on the Moscow Technipolic site at  Zelenograd  area in the vicinity of Alabushevo. The total area of the plant is more than 40.000 sq.m. The plant is engaged in production of different medications in the framework of the import substitution programme. ESPRO Development was involved in the project in the capacity of Technical Customer supervising the development of the project from conceptual schetches of the building until the receipt o the operation permit.

Dau Isolan warehouse put in operation

«Dau Isolan» started operations today at their new warehouse facility. The newly built warehouse is designated to store Dau Isolan’s increasing volume of raw materials  and manufactured goods.

Espro Development was engaged in the project as a Technical Customer and was nominated with a Letter of Thanks issue by Dau Isolan’s top management.

Implementation of the DockLand facility

Espro Development completed the construction of the “A”-Class Dockland logistics complex. The premises are located on the Kaluga highway 4 km from the M2 federal highway and just 3 km from Tula’s city center.

Total area of the premises is 18 823 sq.m. A two-floor shop building is also a part of the warehouse complex with a total area of 2000 sq.m. The project was implemented using modern technology particularly in regard of the premises functionality, reliability and energy-efficiency of the engineering equipment.