“Espro” group of companies and British investment fund “Raven Russia Ltd.” announces the completion date of I phase of “Eastern” Industrial park

The I phase (113800 sq. m.) of “Eastern” Industrial park will be implemented by the end of QIV 2008. Companies interested in warehouse premises can rent new areas and start fitting out until the end of the year.
“Eastern” Industrial park is located within Noginsk town in Moscow region along the federal highway M-7 “Moscow – Nizhniy Novgorod” (44 km away from MKAD) between “first ring road” (so-called “betonka”) (4 km) and projected ZKAD (Central Ring Auto Road) (2-3 km).
British investment fund “Raven Russia Ltd.” acts like a partner and a co-investor of “Eastern” industrial park. Project’s budget evaluates in 147 million euros. HSH Nordbank is taking part in financing, signing the agreement of long-term credit for total sum of 100 million Euros.

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